Based on one of Kafka’s best novel, Orson Welles directed this oppressive drama about the legal system, society and its members, in a totally absurd climate. Anthony Perkins plays the main character, Joseph K. He is surrounded by Orson Welles, Jeanne Moreau, Romy Schneider, Suzanne Flon…
For its 50th anniversary, the film, produced in 1962, is republished in a remastered version. It will be...



Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sharon Stone play the heroes of Philip K.Dick’s bestseller, adapted by Paul Verhoeven. STUDIOCANAL is republishing this legendary science fiction film in a HD remastered version under the direction of Paul Verhoeven. It will be released in DVD and Blu-ray on July 16th 2012 in Great-Britain, July 31st in the United States, August 1st in France and August 9th in Germany.

Synopsis : Planet Earth, 2084. Quaid is haunted each night by a dream that he is on Mars looking for beautiful Melina. He goes against his wife Lori's wishes and visits the Recall laboratories. They claim that they can help make his dream a reality by offering him an adventurous trip in his mind with a powerful hallucinogenic drug. But the experience has unexpected consequences, the drug awakens a memory that was erased from Quaid's mind. In fact he is not Quaid, he is a dangerous terrorist fighting against a Martian despot, Lori is not his wife she is an enemy agent and the red planet is at the heart of a terrifying plot. Pitiless killers relentlessly chase Quaid and he goes to Mars where other memories and other dangers await him, including Melina, the woman of his dreams. He will make an incredible discovery about his own identity.
This film, which at the time was one of the most expensive films ever made, received the 1990 Academy Award for Special Achievement Award for Visual Effects .



Mai 2002: Roman Polanski overwhelms the Cannes Film Festival with the true story of the Polish pianist Wladyslaw Szpilman, inspired from his memories written in 1946. Adrien Brody is fantastic as this brilliant musician who struggles to survive in the ghetto of Warsaw, ruined by the war. The film is presented the Palme d’Or by David Lynch, President of the Jury. It is also awarded with Oscars...



TO BE OR NOT TO BE, huge American comedy classic, is celebrating its 70es anniversary this year. What an achievement for Ernst Lubitsch to make people laugh in the middle of World War II with this film which action takes place in Poland during Nazi occupation. Seven decades after its release, this masterpiece is now available in Blu-ray in the STUDIOCANAL Collection.

Director : Ernst...



Often listed as one of the most important film of the twentieth century, Jean Renoir’s LA GRANDE ILLUSION is the symbol of a universal and pacifist cinema. The story of its restoration itself is an historic and European scenario. In 1940, the Nazis confiscated the negative and kept it in Berlin. It was then taken to Moscow by the Russian army at the end of the War. The negative came back to...