co-productions & acquisitions (germany)

STUDIOCANAL’s co-production and acquisitions unit in Germany is constantly looking out for great and unique movies. The division has long-term relations with the best producers, film-makers and sales companies in Germany and world-wide. Its mission is to seek movies that are rewarding for large audiences in theatres, on DVD and Blu-ray, in TV and the New Media.

theatrical distribution (germany)

STUDIOCANAL in Germany has been successfully releasing motion pictures to theatres for more than 25 years. STUDIOCANAL’s spectrum spans from Hollywoodblockbusters such as "THE HUNGER GAMES“ to high-quality independent productions such as Roman Polanski’s “THE GHOSTWRITER” and family entertainment like “SAMMY'S ADVENTURES”.

Highlights in STUDIOCANAL’s comprehensive German catalogue are nine-fold Academy Award winner "THE ENGLISH PATIENT“, Martin Scorsese’s Rolling Stones documentary “SHINE A LIGHT” and the international box office success "MARCH OF THE PENGUINS“. The most successful movie in STUDIOCANAL’s history is Soenke Wortmann’s ground-breaking documentary about the FIFA world championship, "GERMANY. A SUMMER'S FAIRY TALE“.

media distribution (germany)

The media distribution division of STUDIOCANAL is distributing a slate of up to 15 currents per year and more than 7,000 European and American feature films in German-speaking Europe, servicing both traditional TV and New Media windows. The division can rely on excellent long-term relationships with all TV networks and VOD/SVOD platforms. It is also a respected player in world sales with a catalogue comprised of German classics and the New German Film.

The division is especially focused on providing professional and efficient distribution services and to support our clients in maximizing value from our growing portfolio. It actively encourages the launch of new platforms to legally service changing viewing habits and works closely with them to introduce innovative marketing techniques ensuring its products are well positioned in a fragmented online world.
Our mission value is to bring great movies to the German consumers and to establish sustainable revenue streams for our clients.

home entertainment (germany)

In recent years, STUDIOCANAL Home Entertainment inGermanyhas become one of the most successful independent distributors for DVDs and Blu-rays.

While the STUDIOCANAL label offers a broad spectrum of films of all genres from Hollywood blockbusters and comedy classics to German films the label ARTHAUS is the leading brand for art-house movies in Germany. STUDIOCANAL Home Entertainment in Germanyis currently distributing more than 2,250 titles on DVD and Blu-ray disc.